callowyn (callowyn) wrote,

like the clone wars only sexy

As further proof that talking to me is dangerous, I got my dear beleaguered [personal profile] moragmacpherson to create a Selfcest Commentfic Meme! Basically, we're shipping characters with any other role played by their actor, including different versions of the same character, for a glorious narcissistic furor of crossovers and intensely personal boning.

Yes, novakcest prompts abound, and there's already been a fill: Hooked, for the prompt "Every scar the twins get makes them a little less symmetrical. Guess they'll just have to put matching marks on each other." IT'S PRETTY GREAT AND YOU SHOULD READ IT. And then come play on the meme with me! The more the cestier!

(Also posted on Dreamwidth.)
Tags: commentfic, friendly friends, memes, novakcest = best of all possible worlds, public service announcement
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