callowyn (callowyn) wrote,

Big Bang Art!

Yes, it's spn_j2_bigbang time again, and I made art for ghostwriter056 's story, Roads Left In Both Our Shoes.

Pairing(s): Castiel/Claire, Dean/Castiel (mostly unrequited)
Rating: R
Word Count: ~20, 500
Warnings: A sexual relationship involving a minor, violence, character death, recreational drug use and language
Summary: The last prayer Castiel heard was Claire Novak’s. He’d made a promise to her father to protect her and that was what he’d meant to do when he picked her up from her house after disposing of her mother’s body (Croatoan ‘Verse)

You guys know how I feel about croatverse and Claire Novak.

The fic banner:

And an illustration of a scene early in the fic where Castiel goes to Claire's house to rescue her from croats, but lacks the power to fly back out—and so Claire offers the use of her soul.

Mmm. Soulfisting.

(Also posted on Dreamwidth.)
Tags: art, big bang, castiel, claire novak, claire/cas, croatverse, fanart, graphics, prompted
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