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The Road Is Long: a picspam

My present for someone on insmallpackages, for the prompt: Picspam of roads (in deserts, forests, cities). Sources given where I could find them, though tumblr and pinterest conspire to make finding the original photograph very difficult sometimes.

venice P2140394
by *chryssalis on deviantART

Source unknown

New Orleans City Street
by ~Mourge-stawk on deviantART

Google Maps screenshot of Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, New Orleans, LA, USA (by me)

Waterford Twilight II
by *somadjinn on deviantART

Daybreak by Markus Grunau (MarkusGrunau)) on
Daybreak by Markus Grunau

Google Maps screenshot of Pivdennyi Bridge, Kiev, Ukraine (by me)

Railroad Bridge
by ~rjdp1 on deviantART

Fox River Railroad Trestle 09
by `FantasyStock on deviantART

Stock 111
by ~UmbraDeNoapte on deviantART

Source unknown

Google Maps screenshot of Carterra General, Canillo, Andorra (by me)

Stelvio Pass, Italy (photographer unknown)

Foggy by Polusia

Source unknown

Road to Cobalt Skies
by ~Book-of-Light-Stock on deviantART

Source unknown

Long desert highway by Glenn Nagel (gnagel)) on
Long desert highway by Glenn Nagel

Source unknown

Down the Road
by ~JosiahT on deviantART

Broken Road
by ~arkytraveler on deviantART

Northern Ireland by yes and yes

Red Dirt Road
by ~kalalynn on deviantART

Tundra Path 1
by ~Arctic-Stock on deviantART

Source unknown

vista grande by Marc Crumpler (likethenight)

Dirt Road
by ~sixwings on deviantART

Winding Road by birdyboo

Source unknown

Heavy Flowers
by *Nelleke on deviantART

BBC Merlin set, Puzzle Wood, England (photographer unknown)

Aspen Cathedral, Vail, Colorado, USA (photographer unknown)

Source unknown

Snow landscape
by ~iisjahstock on deviantART

This gave me all sorts of Supernatural feels so if you have roadtrippy fic or art recs, give them to meeee.

(Also posted on Dreamwidth.)
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