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Unto Dust
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
The pilot episode for the Novakcest universe. In which the Red-Eyed Demon reminds Jimmy that you can't avoid your past forever, and Jacob finds that spending seven years as far from his brother as he can get is worth nothing when Jimmy shows up on his doorstep asking for help.
Jimmy/Amelia, Claire, Jacob | 6900 words | R | part of Novakcest

Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
It's winter and the river is running dry.
Jimmy, Jacob | 1200 words | PG | part of Novakcest

Fields of Red
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
Poppies. Poppies will make him sleep.
Dean | 700 words | PG-13

Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
Claire's father promised they would build a treehouse.
Claire, Amelia, treestiel | 1600 words | PG-13

Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
A collection of Novakcest ficlets, mostly preseries, inspired by tumblr.
Jimmy, Jacob | 1800 words | PG | part of Novakcest

By Inches
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
Dean wouldn’t trust Sam with anyone but himself.
2014!Dean/RoboSam/2014!Castiel | 6500 words | NC-17 | co-written with moragmacpherson

The Weight
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
In which Sam discovers there's more to his powers than seeing the future, and Dean maybe doesn't mind so much.
Sam/Dean | 2500 words | NC-17 | co-written with moragmacpherson

Can't Keep Secrets That I Know
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
Jo wants to help Sam track down his brother, but this chivalry business is starting to piss her off.
Sam/Jo | 3500 words | NC-17 | co-written with jaimeykay and thegeminisage

Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
Jensen's stuffed octopus is not quite the way he remembers.
Jensen/Castiel/Misha | 700 words | R | co-written with twoskeletons

Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
Sam doesn't sleep well at Stanford, but he never stops to ask himself why.
Sam/Jess, Dean | 600 words | PG

Chatfic and Verses

Delicious | Tumblr | AO3
An AU about Jimmy Novak and his twin brother Jacob leading the Winchesters' lives and Dean Winchester as Castiel's vessel. Not all works on delicious and tumblr are mine; those that are are listed on this masterpost individually.
Jimmy/Jacob and others | many words | R | co-written with twoskeletons

Tumblr | AO3
A next-gen verse about Jesse Turner, Claire Novak, and Ben Braeden teaming up to fight monsters and save each other from themselves.
Jesse/Ben/Claire and others | many words | R | co-written with thegeminisage

Mother Mary
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
Mary Campbell Winchester could think of nothing worse than raising her sons as hunters. But she wasn't exactly given a choice.
Mary/Castiel, Dean, Sam | 700 words | R | co-written with animus_wyrmis


What Dreams May Come
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
Sam dreams that he is not himself.
Sam/Lucifer | 55 words | PG-13 | erasure poem of Nocturnal Emissions by gold_bluepoint

Bone Song
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
Skeletons make the best boyfriends.
Claire/Castiel | 300 words | PG-13 | co-written with twoskeletons

A Prayer for my Brother
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
If Sam is still praying, it's not to the angels.
Sam/Dean | 500 words | PG-13 | found poetry from Psalms

Dancing Tree
Livejournal | Dreamwidth
Dean, rising.
Dean | 50 words | PG


Shifters Lie
Livejournal | Dreamwidth
Season one, "Skin." The pressure keeps building, and Jimmy still won't answer Jacob.
Jimmy/Jacob | digital comic | PG | part of Novakcest

That Summer
Livejournal | Dreamwidth
They're supposed to be inseparable.
Jimmy/Jacob | digital comic | PG | part of Novakcest

Couples' Counseling
Livejournal | Dreamwidth
6.22 coda. In which Sam prefers therapy to adulation, and the rule against chick flick moments is blatantly violated.
Sam, Castiel | digital drawing | G

Bitch, Jerk
Livejournal | Dreamwidth
Winchesters making faces.
Sam, Dean | digital drawing | G

Sam's Birthdays Always Suck
Livejournal | Dreamwidth
Sam finds himself in the Ice Age with an angel on his birthday. Luckily, Cas got him a present.
Sam/Castiel | digital drawing | PG

Livejournal | Dreamwidth
After Castiel leaves her body, Claire finds a bit thread in her leg, as if she'd gotten stitches. She doesn't remember getting stitches. She tugs at it. A bad idea. Her skin begins to unspool.
Claire Novak | photomanipulation | R | for gabby_silang

Multidimensional Cephalopod of Celestial Intent
Livejournal | Dreamwidth
By "my true form is the size of your Chrysler Building," Cas obviously meant the part with the tentacles.
Sam/Castiel | photomanipulation | PG-13



Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
When Arthur was eight years old, Uther gave him his first hound.
Uther, Arthur/Merlin | 1500 words | PG-13 | WARNING: ANIMAL HARM

Midnight Masque
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
In which Arthur wears a mask and discovers the value of reading the fine print.
Arthur/Merlin | 4300 words | NC-17


Livejournal | Dreamwidth
This man had obviously never seen a Windsor knot if he thought that was how to undo one.
Arthur/Merlin | digital drawing | PG-13 | illustration of Midnight Masque

The Sorcerer of Notre Dame
Livejournal | Dreamwidth
Candlelight, romantic music... can't think of a better place for hand-to-hand combat.
Arthur, Merlin | digital drawing | PG

Fit to be Tied
Livejournal | Dreamwidth
You see, Merlin, I told you we'd find a use for those infernal neck scarves.
Arthur/Merlin | digital drawing | R | for springinstep

Livejournal | Dreamwidth
If the homelessness implied by the boys' facial hair came to pass.
Bradley, Colin | digital drawing | PG

Livejournal | Dreamwidth
Death's apprentice has decidedly large ears.
Colin | photomanipulation | G


The Quest for Camelot
Livejournal | Dreamwidth | AO3
I'm looking for a fic.
Arthur/Merlin | 400 words | PG-13 | found poetry from merlin_finders

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